Friday, October 17, 2008

Hey, I am Home

It's great to be home again and more strikingly I got my mobile phone back ! I was without the phone for the whole duration that I was away from home. I had unwarily dropped it in the car on the way to the KLIA on the day of my departure. Luckily my vacation retreat on a man-made Palm Jumeirah island was adequately connected to the internet. I could have gone bonkers without it ! Thank you Nazrah & Anwar for the good time I had on my recent retreat and for being such great hosts. I am already missing you, Sofea Aishah and Arzaqel, hehehe....
Flying Kuwait Airways (KU) on my return journey wholly negated the adverse impression I first had of the airline. To my complete disbelief, the cabin service was excellent. I had an aircrew named Wadi to thank who exactly knew what service quality was all about. On disembarking at KLIA, I congratulated the Asst. Chief Cabin Crew named Nasser for the excellent service rendered. Landing of the aircraft by the pilot was perfect. I don't mind taking a KU flight again on my next trip anywhere on the globe.
Currently I have a number of serious issues to blog about but I need a little more time to decide which is relatively more imperative and expedient. Also I need to catch up with my chilling-out buddies at the cafe around the corner of my present house.
To Bujai particularly, I am ready to meet up whenever you have a free time to chat on certain issues of mutual interests over a 'teh tarik' in one fine afternoon.


Blogger bujai said...

gud that u are back.

dunno where u stay but i am somewhere in cheras.

do gimme a tinkle at 013-2777266


October 25, 2008 at 3:05 PM  

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