Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nearly Agree means Never Agree

The spin-doctors are at work again. After a denial from Dr. Hasan Ali of BN's offer of chief ministerialship of Selangor to PAS, a mainstream tabloid aligned to UMNO today front-paged Ustaz Nik Aziz, PAS Spiritual Leader, as having nearly agreed to talks with UMNO on the possibility of forming a state government in Perak, another state which has been wrested by the People's Front (comprising PKR, PAS and DAP) from UMNO/BN after the March 2008 General Elections. What do they mean by 'nearly agreed' ? Is Nik Aziz is so unprincipled and fickle that he could easily be sweet-talked into changing his political stand and conviction at a moment's notice and when the sentiments and the mood of PAS grassroot members in general are not in favour of cooperating with UMNO politically ?
I think PAS should rather spend time more beneficially to hold muqabalah (or even muzakarah) with DAP stalwarts along the spirits of the Covenant of Madinah than wasting time and resources with UMNO heads who are known to be synonymous with dishonest wheelings and dealings in the past.


Viva AKP !!!

I thank Allah the Almighty for sparing the ADALET ve KALKINMA PARTISI (or AKP, the Justice and Development Party) of Turkey from being banned/outlawed by the Constitutional Court. I would not dare to anticipate the turmoils it could have precipitated had the court decided otherwise, but I could imagine the faces of relief from the AKP leadership. I wish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan the best of health and be blessed with the energy and strength to continue with what AKP struggles for (I used to drive him and his wife, Amine, in my car round KL when they were on a private visit here).
It was a close call for the AKP when 6 of the 11 judges of the Constitutional Court voted for the ban, but it needed 7 to acquiesce the prosecution's case. The prosecutor, Abdurrahman Yalcinkaya, also sought to bar Erdogan and his 69 MP's from active politics for 5 years.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Muqabalah, Not Muzakarah

At the rate things are going right now, PAS should immediately cease from making any contact with UMNO in the spirits of the People's Front (Pakatan Rakyat, PR) unity. PAS should demonstrate its commitment and sincerity to its pledge of collaboration with PKR made prior to the March Elections. The pact was made in an effort to mount a concerted and formidable challenge to UMNO/BN in the elections. DAP came into the fold at the behest of PKR to consolidate popular opposition against the ruling party. PAS was not privy to the political pact between PKR and DAP. Chronologically speaking, the PAS-PKR pact came into existence before that of PKR and DAP.
The electoral pacts were essentially centred on the allocation of statal and parliamentary seats to be contested by each party respectively against the UMNO/BN. In the first round of negotiations for seats, only PAS and PKR were involved. The pact between PKR and DAP came into the picture after PAS had identified and ascertained the seats they wanted to contest. DAP was left to negotiate with PKR for the remaining seats decidedly not contested by PAS.
In the spirits of the political pact between PAS and PKR, the former should never have consented to meet up with UMNO immediately after the Elections to discuss a political alliance to form a new Selangor State Government to be led by PAS. To me it was tantamount to an act of mala fide. Very distasteful or even unIslamic to some extent.
It will not be a big surprise if DAP wants to review the role & involvement of PAS in the PR if the latter wishes to continue dialogues with UMNO under whatever pretext.
In so doing, DAP must take cognisance of the fact that the PAS-PKR pact takes precedence over the secondary PKR-DAP pact. And I don't think PKR wants to forgo PAS at the expense of immediately losing the new tri-partite State Governments of Selangor and Perak.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Why PAS Can NEVER Be Sharing the Same Bed With UMNO ?

These are entirely personal observations and deductions based on my informal interactions and discourses with some UMNO members I happen to meet and be acquainted with. The observations I have made may not necessarily reflect the actual traits of UMNO members in general but they nonetheless could form some basis for judgement.
It basically goes down to divergent sets of value systems adhered to by the opposing parties. One firmly believes that in order to raise the economic status of the Malays, they must be granted licences to operate casinos while the other considers it absolutely "haram" (strictly forbidden); it is okay to invest in pig-rearing, brewery, and casino projects to derive economic benefits for the Malays, which the other party considers them abhorrent. It is okay for them to imbibe alcoholic drinks while the other detest them. They say they can use interests (usury) from their saving deposits for the purpose of performing the Hajj when the other opposes such edict. Their dress codes are distinctly different from each other. Yes, all of them perform the solat (prayers), observe the fast, pay zakat (tithes), perform the Hajj but that's where their similitudes end. Though they both believe in Allah, one of them simply rejects the Syari'ah Law dismissing it as inappropriate for a multi-racial country like Malaysia.
Given the stark differences in value systems of PAS and UMNO, certainly they make very strange bedfellows.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pedra Branca : The White Rock Island

Last May, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) handed down Pulau Batu Putih (White Rock Island, better known as Pedra Branca) to the Republic of Singapore in a legal tussle between Malaysia and the republic over the ownership of the rocky outcrop which stations a lighthouse to guide ships plying the Johore Straits. The decision was greeted with great consternation by the Malaysian people because it was historically ours and located in our own waters. The island of Singapore itself was in fact a part of the Malay Peninsula before crafty Stamford Raffles leased it from the reigning Sultan of Johore then.
It was a great boo-boo on the part of our legal team in the Hague led by Abd Ghani Patail, the controversial Attorney General. The decision is now a subject of an appeal by the Malaysian Government to the ICJ for its reversal.
It is an open secret that Singapore retains Israelis as their security advisers. Now that Singapore stakes a claim over waters around Pedra Branca that covers a 12-mile territorial sea and a 200- mile Exclusive Economic Zone. This move is no big surprise to me as it is characteristically very Jewish in manner. I see this recent move by Singapore as arrogant, belligerent and superfluous against her friendly neighbour after wresting the rocky outcrop away from Malaysia.
It vividly reminds me of the current military stand-off on the border between Thailand and Cambodia over ICJ's decision to award a religious site to Cambodia which historically belongs to Thailand. Will Malaysia resort to a similar action against Singapore ? I very much doubt it as our Government simply has no guts nor balls to stand up to the unfair ruling of the ICJ.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

UMNO-PAS Muzakarah

The Muzakarah issue is getting hotter and hotter as the day goes by. A local tabloid has reported that PAS is skeptical of the UMNO's initiative for fear of being short-changed a second time round. Ustaz Nik Aziz, PAS Spiritual Leader, has refused to participate in such talks and urged the Islamic party to pull out altogether citing a possibility of its own internal break-up if pursued further. He expressed his concerns of the talks being used by UMNO as political gimmicks with the aim of destructing PAS. Amidst strong resistance from Nik Aziz, the Party's Ulama Shura Council has authorised PAS leadership to engage in the talks with UMNO to enhance Muslim unity. The lone dissenting voice of Nik Aziz in the Shura Council certainly signals some cracks within the PAS ranks, however minimal. Husam Musa, PAS Vice President, is also seen to be negative about the dialogue.
Ironically Khalid Samad, a PAS MP who formed the delegation to meet Abdullah Badawi of UMNO, has revealed that the key issue discussed was a possibility of PAS joining the BN to form a Selangor State Government with Dr Hasan Ali (of PAS) to be appointed as the Chief Minister. Khalid has further alleged that Abdullah was trying to undermine and subvert the People's Front's (PR) cohesiveness and to diffuse possible defections of BN's MPs to PR.
I found it interesting to note that in between the lines, Khalid declared that PAS attendance at the talks was to hear what Abdullah or UMNO has to offer to PAS. See that ? Politics is after all an art of the impossibles.


Monday, July 21, 2008

The People's Front : A Marriage of Convenience

I see the formation of People's Front (PR) state governments in Selangor and Perak as a pragmatic move by the Opposition to wrest power from the ruling National Front (BN) after the March 2008 General Elections. In both states PAS actually holds the trump card without which the PR could not have garnered enough majority to form the respective state governments. If PAS withdraws from the present coalition, the PR government in the two states shall inevitably collapsed. Beside Selangor and Perak, the states of Kelantan and Kedah have come under the control of PAS ( a PR component) single-handedly while Penang comes under the rule of the Chinese-based Democratic Action Party (DAP) (another PR component).
In Selangor, to say the least, I have sensed for a quite a while already that it has never been a bed of roses for PAS to be a partner in the state coalition. It is either PAS representatives not having shown enough teeth or they simply suffer from a political inferiority complex, or they are being sidelined from major issues affecting the state. And these discomforts have just been confirmed by Dr. Hasan Ali, the Selangor PAS State Commissioner, who stated that PAS is at the stage of adjusting itself in this new political set-up and that it would take time to smoothen things up.
I would venture to theorise that UMNO is closely monitoring the situation and would jump at any opportunity that shows cracks within the PR coalition. And if PAS can be lured to defect to UMNO/BN, immediately UMNO/BN shall be poised to regain control of Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Kelantan without much sweats, leaving behind Penang solely in the hands of the PR. This must be the only rationale of Abdullah Badawi, the UMNO President, for having initiated political dialogues with PAS in the interests of, supposedly, Malay and Islamic unity. Not a bad political mathematics !
But after the political debacles suffered by PAS when joining the ruling BN at the federal and state levels in the 1970's, I don't think PAS would be so naive as to allow itself to be bitten twice by UMNO from dishonest political wheelings & dealings. After all UMNO is already is a sinking ship according to some enlightened political pundits.


Muzakarah, Muzakarah Everywhere

The Israelis are holding direct talks with Hamas, the US is talking to Iran and in the local scene UMNO (United Malay National Organisation) is reportedly engaging with PAS (Pan Malaysian Islamic Party). The US-Iran talks have reached a cul-de- sac, a dead end, apparently. And in no time, I expect the Israel-Hamas talks will come a grinding halt.
From the outset, I do not foresee any possible convergence of thoughts between these political giants who are diametrically opposed to one another in matters concerning Islamic issues. They are poles apart. It is rather unimaginable to think of a rapproachment between them. Though Malay-based, UMNO is secular and while PAS is Islamist in their respective political pursuits. UMNO believes in the separation of religion from politics while PAS looks at politics as an integral part of religion. UMNO will vehemently deny this on the strength of its recent advocacy for Islam Hadhari (civilised Islam) while still rejecting the integration of politics with Islam. As an ordinary layman myself, I keep on questioning whether Islam as originally propagated by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has never been "civilised" such that there is a need to introduce a fresh version of Islam when Islam has already been perfected as the true religion for all mankind during the life of the Prophet (pbuh). Clearly Islam Hadhari purportedly advocated by Abdullah Badawi, the UMNO President, does not subscribe to the principles of "enjoining the good and forbidding the evils". What kind of Islam is this when the evils are liberally tolerated ?
For the present UMNO-PAS talks to have any chance of durable sustainability, UMNO should consider the following fundamental premises : (a) to streamline it's ideology in accordance with the teachings of the Hadith and the Quran, (b) to accept politics as an integral part of Islam, i.e. to reject secularism totally, and (c) to withdraw the concept of Islam Hadhari.
PAS under the leadership of Asri has in the past had experience of being treated badly by UMNO whilst in the National Front government as well as in the Kelantan State coalition government respectively. Enough is enough. Ustaz Nik Aziz, PAS Mushidul'am (spiritual leader) is the best living mortal to be consulted with over these UMNO political overtures.
To the PAS representatives presently engaged in the talks, I just want to caution them from being gullible or politically naive.


Friday, July 18, 2008

DNA Does Not Lie ??

Syed Hamid Albar, the Minister of Internal Affairs, stated that DNA samples never lie clearly referring to Anwar Ibrahim's refusal to give blood sample for DNA profiling in connection with an alleged sodomy case. I totally agree with him, scientifically speaking only that is.
Anwar Ibrahim, the de facto Opposition leader, a few days ago was arrested by police and remanded for questioning. He was released in less than 24 hours of detention after posting a bail.
Like Anwar's similar case in 1998, for which he was subsequently acquitted, the medical reports were proven to be doctored. What guarantee can one have against such manipulations not to recur ? Properly validated DNA result on its own could stand in any court of law, but to match it with the crime-scene evidence is a different card game altogether. The court shall have to be satisfied that such evidence was gathered legitimately and not planted. What stop the DNA samples being spattered where it mattered in order to corroborate with the evidence ? You may plant a sachet of illicit drugs in the pocket of someone when you want to nab him for any reasons at all.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reflections from the Historic Public Debate

The 1st Public Debate on air is over, but the people of every social stratum are still talking about it. Najib Abd Razak, the Deputy Prime Minister, is seeking feedback from the masses before the government would decide on carrying on live telecast debate between the Opposition and the Government over issues of public interest. If only he could have done the same before the decision to introduce the controversial price hike of oil.
I found a post-event remark by Khairy Jamaluddin, an Oxford-trained Member of Parliament, pertaining to the oil price reduction issue to be very shallow or even moronic. I had absolutely no doubts at all of the pledge made by PKR in its Election Manifesto to reducing the oil price by 90 cents from the prevailing RM1.92 per litre then. Had PKR been returned to power in the last General Elections, the people would have seen the promise honoured. And I believe the People's Front government would not have increased the price at such high rate introduced by the ruling National Front government.
I hope the Ministry of Information would institutionalise this Public Debate-on-Air as a part of enhancing our democratic process to a higher level of respectability.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Debate on Air the Malaysian Way

Kudos to the organizers of the first direct telecast of a Public Debate on TV which was much awaited by the Malaysian public. But midway through the debate I was struggling to understand whether it was an economic or a political discourse between a junior Government Minister and a seasoned political campaigner from the Opposition.
I was first very apprehensive when it was made known that Johan Jaafar, who was widely known to be biased and partial when facilitating any public forum on the air, would be the moderator. But as the debate took its course, I found that he was not that bad after all. If he could maintain his neutrality in any future public forum, I would seriously consider delisting him from my own hate-list.
On take-off Shabery Chik, the Minister, being a political greenhorn, blasted his way on a personal offensive against Anwar Ibrahim, the popular Opposition Leader, who refused to be drawn into personal issues in a magnanimous manner. Clearly Shabery was no match to Anwar.
If there was any winner in the debate, Anwar would have carried the day by a very vast margin.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Bastions of Turkish Secularism : Part 2

The Turkish Parliament has recently passed a law to lift the ban on use of headscarf (hijab) by female students in university campuses. But the law was soon overturned by the Constitutional Court (CC) declaring that it undermined the secular principles of the Republic of Turkey. The CC comprises 11 judges who apparently have the absolute authority to reject any laws passed by the Parliament if such laws were deemed to be against Turkish secularism. The Parliament, supposedly the voice and the lawmakers of the nation, is obviously subservient to the CC. Who are behind this undemocratic move ? If the Parliament cannot make laws according to the wishes of the people, why have a parliament at all ? Why have parliamentary elections at all ?
Though such act appeared to be anti-Islam, I am not here to question its legitimacy. Let the Turkish people themselves provide us with an answer.
In Part 1 of this posting, I have suggested that the "donmeh" who control the Judiciary, the Army and the Universities are the guardians of secularism in Turkey. Who are these people ?
The Donmeh are Sephardic Jews who under the pastorship of Rabbi Shabbatai Zevi in December 1686 outwardly converted to Islam during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid of the last Othmaniah Caliphate. Shabbatai Zevi and his followers chose to convert to Islam for fear of being executed by the Sultan after Zevi falsely claiming himself a messiah. These converts never became true Muslims as they secretly kept and maintained their Jewish beliefs and practices which were passed on to their children. Outwardly they lived as Muslims.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Crime Against Humanity

The President of Sudan is reported as being considered for indictment by the International Criminal Court (ICC) based in Den Haag (the Hague, Holland) for his alleged involvement in the current Darfur crisis. But this is still subject to approval by the Security Council of the United Nations Organization. A few days ago, an attempt was made at the Council to slam economic sanctions against Zimbabwe for Robert Mugabe's "mishandling" of the recent local Elections but was turned down when it was double-vetoed by China and Russia. Will this planned indictment be vetoed again by either Russia or China in the Security Council ? To me it will be most likely vetoed by China considering the warm relations enjoyed by Sudan with the former.
But why President Omar al-Bashir is being targetted ? Why not first indict President George W. Bush of the US who has illegally inflicted so much war casualties and destruction in both Iraq and Afghanistan ?


Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Milestone for D-8 Countries

The D-8 Summit held in Kuala Lumpur ended yesterday with a rather encouraging note. Member countries like Indonesia, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey are already producing cars on their own. A decision to pool the available resources of these countries to mount on a joint-project in car production is highly lauded. But why only cars ? I look forward to seeing another joint-effort by the D-8 to produce arms for defence soon.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Political Rethoricisms : D-8 and G-8 Groupings Playing to the Gallery

Today sees the opening of the Developing-8 Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, while a similar G-8 Summit almost at the same time taking place in Hokkaido, Japan.
At the the D-8 gathering today, Malaysia is expected to take over the chairmanship of the Grouping (comprising 8 developing Muslim countries namely Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey) from Indonesia for the next two years. What can the D-8 achieve for the benefits of the Muslim Ummah ?
The G-8 which is made up of 8 developed countries has proven itself to be an outing for its leaders to make promises and pledges of international aids only to dishonour them later. They are more interested in protecting their own interests than seeing a better world for everyone on the planet. It is a platform to appease each other at the expense of the rest of the world. On the environmental issue, for example, the US has stated that she would comply with the Kyoto Protocols if both China and India would toe the line. But China and India are not members of the G-8. How ironical it can be ?
At the current D-8 meeting, Iran has rejected any deliberation on the issue of oil price hike dismissing it as inappropriate, but on the sideline her Foreign Minister has advocated the use of Gold Dinar to replace the US Dollar as an international currency after the failure of the Bretto-Woods Declaration. I hope Iran Iran will pursue this issue at the next OIC gathering for adoption and subsequent implementation. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed used to advance this idea once before. We have to keep the momentum going for its eventual realisation.
The D-8 Gathering should not be made a gallery for political rethorics, tall declarations or communique. It should be a platform to coordinate international aids to less fortunate Muslim countries like Chad, Somalia, Albania, Kosova, etc. They should think of setting up a Rapid Deployment Force to spearhead rescue operations in any Muslim country facing natural calaminities such as earthquake, flood, tsunami, typhoon, famine, plague, etc, etc, or creating an international petroleum reserve for poor Muslim countries. Apart from enhancing trades among the Muslim countries, the D-8 should set up a joint-commission for arms research to enahnce military capacity of the Muslim countries, including nuclear arms capacity, as well as how to address immediately the problems of food shortages in the Muslim world.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Bastions of Turkish Secularism : Part 1

These are the Donmeh who control the Judiciary, the Army and the Universities in the Republic of Turkey under their extremely tight grips regardless of which political party is returned to power in a General Election. They can change the government of the day anytime they wish. These are the very people who had brought down the government under the premiership of Necmettin Erbakan and are currently attempting to dislodge the present which is under Recep Teyeb Erdogan. Both the premiers were alleged to be Islamists who have posed a formidable challenge to the sustainability of secularism in Turkey. The Constitutional Court shall soon decide on banning the ruling AK Party under Erdogan and restricting their members of Parliament from active politics for a specified period of time, accusing them of harboring hidden Islamic agenda. If this is carried, AKP will disappear totally from the local political scene forever. This move by the Constitutional Court is deemed to be undemocratic under whatever pretext. It is a dismissal of the wishes of the populace who elect the government they choose to have.
Why there are such close relations in military, political, economic and intelligence matters between Turkey and Israel ?
When I was in Istanbul not too long ago, I saw in the newspapers reports of Turkish Defence Minister and his top generals visiting Tel Aviv a few days before the Turkish Security Council was held. What is the connection ?


Homicide vs. Sodomy

I somehow sense that the local mainstream media is attempting to sway public attention from one homicide case implicating the incumbent Deputy Prime Minister (DPM), Najib Abdul Razak to focusing on a sodomy case involving the former DPM, Anwar Ibrahim. It should be no surprise to everyone as most of the mainstream press and electronic media are closely linked to the ruling elites which perpetually have the tendency to skew public opinion particularly on issues affecting the ruling parties and their stalwarts for their own benefits naturally.
Against the backdrop of the current travesties, surprisingly a handful of State Muftis have joined the fray by contradicting each other over the need for "muhabalah" (swearing by the Holy Quran) by both the accuser and the accused to settle the issue once and for all, adding further confusion among the public at large over same.
In the first case, the accuser, vide his Statutory Declaration (SD) made on 1st July, 2008, has implicated Najib in the murder of Antaltuya, a Mongolian businesswoman, whose body was detonated by the use of C4 explosives, but later retracted it within the next 24 hours of having made same. Why was the retraction so sudden ? If the accusation is not true, the accused could definitely take legal actions against the accuser for libel or slander. But this is not preferred. It is obvious that, after the retraction, the accused has no case to answer !! In an earlier related case involving Najib's wife which arose from another SD by a blogger, she too chose not to pursue any legal actions against her accuser. She may sue the blogger for defamation or libel if the accusation was a sheer fabrication.
But why the retraction ? What immediately comes to mind is whether the accuser was coerced by some threats on his life or his family members', or induced so sweetly that he could not refuse, or he was simply not sane. Is he not guilty of abusing a process of law by the retraction ?
In the second case, the accuser had the liberty of seeing Najib, the DPM, at the latter's residence for advice prior to making a Police Report against the accused. What Najib has got to do with the case ? Would you seek the opinion of a DPM concerning your personal matters if you happen to be an aggrieved party ? Why didn't the accuser go straight to the Police ?


Thursday, July 3, 2008

What's Going On, Malaysia ?

In this "Bolehland Malaysia", anything is possible, everything is enabled. Now that the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) has intended to record statements from the Inspector General of Police and the Attorney General respectively over a recent police report lodged by Anwar Ibrahim against the duo.
I am not aware that the ACA has jurisdictions over criminal proceedings other than graft- or corruption-related cases when its Director General announced that the department planned to take over the investigation from the Police Department to ensure impartiality. Has ACA the authority to do that ? Is he confirming that the Police has been partial so as to merit the case being transferred to an unrelated department to conduct investigations on a criminal case which normally falls under the purview of the Police ?



The wife of Najib Abdul Razak is Rosmah Mansur and not Rosmah Osman as previously identified. My great thanks to Miss Simplicity for pointing that out. This inadvertent error is very much regretted.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Police Report against IGP and AG

Contrary to my earlier posting, the police report made by Anwar Ibrahim on 1st July, 2008, against Musa Hassan, the Inspector General of Police, and Abdul Gani Patail, the Attorney General, respectively was pertaining to the latter withholding facts against Rahim Noor, the former IGP, for assaulting Anwar in the eye whilst under police detention.
Anwar claimed that both Abdul Gani and Musa were aware of the assault by Rahim against him on 20th September, 2007, at the Police Headquarters in Bukit Aman, but chose to conceal the incident from public knowledge. The public only learnt of the incident when it was brought up to the attention of the court during Anwar's trial.
Abdul Gani and Musa were also alleged to have conspired under the direction of Mokhtar Abdullah, the former AG, in preparing an undated medical report on the injury sustained by Anwar which was inconsistent with the nature of the injury.
If that could happen once before, what assurance could we have that such similar incident will not recur ?


Oh No, Not Again !!

I am rather perplexed by the recent allegation of sexual impropriety against Anwar Ibrahim, the sacked Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia during the reign of Premier Mahathir Mohamed for a similar case, against the backdrop of a series of nearly simultaneous events of (a) a statutory declaration by blogger Raja Petra against Rosmah Osman, the wife of the current Deputy Prime Minister, Najib Abdul Razak, implicating her of apparent involvement in the murder of Altantuya, a Mongolian businesswoman, (b) a police report by Anwar Ibrahim against 3 high-ranking government officials including the Attorney General, the Inspector General of Police and one other for conspiring to fabricate evidence against Anwar for his alleged earlier sexual misconduct; (c) imminent defections of Members of Parliament from the ruling National Front (BN) to the People's Front (PR) to cause a possible collapse of the present government under the premiership of Abdullah Badawi to pave the way for Anwar to be the new premier.
Many would claim that new persecution against Anwar is simply a way to distract public attention away from the high-profiled Rosmah's case. And Rosmah herself has announced yesterday that she would not initiate any legal actions against Raja Petra.
Many would still remember that Anwar was finally acquitted of the earlier sexual charges against him. This second episode apparently smacks of similar attempt to discredit Anwar so as to derail him from his pursuit to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.
I am not sure when the alleged exploit did take place. But if I were the victim, I would have lodged a police report against the alleged perpetrator within 24 hours of such assault if I were forcibly compromised. Or was it committed by mutual consent ? If the so-called victim had waited for some time before a police report was made, I have some questions of what could have taken place during the time-gap in between.
Is it probable that this is another case of a high-powered conspiracy ?